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One Drop Project

Safe drinking, cooking and cleaning water has long been a challenge in most rural, and certain township communities; and this issue has been exaggerated through COVID-19 for multiple reasons. This is deeply concerning when water plays a huge part in keeping individuals' immune systems strong and households clean to a decent standard.

The focus on the food crisis has received a lot of valid attention of late, but as depicted in Carte Blanche (watch here), water purity has also been a major issue in areas across South Africa, and the continent, for a very long time.

Orenda Foundation (NPC) has collaborated with Impilo Health to launch the One Drop Project in order to provide under-resourced communities with the opportunity to have safe drinking, cooking and cleaning water within their communities over this trying period and beyond.

One Drop Project provides an instant solution to ensure clean drinking water from municipal sources, while also eliminating all bacteria from river water to make it drinkable after a single drop of the One Drop product.

Each bottle has the ability to treat 150L of river water, making it safe to drink, or use to wash hands, cook food etc. 

This niche product solves a longstanding problem, which has existed long before Covid-19, and which will remain in communities post-pandemic. We have secured the product at a cost price of R15 in order to distribute it to communities in need, and are working with partner NGOs and food distributors across the country to ensure it reaches those who need it most.


We are now looking to raise the necessary funds to take the project across the country to those in need. We believe we can use the product to help millions of families across the country during this season, and beyond. 

Partner with us in making a difference to the lives of countless South Africans by donating through the platforms listed below. A single bottle of the One Drop product will only cost you R15; and will provide sustainable access to clean water for a family in need.


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